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Data is power. We make sense of it, put it to good use and keep it safe. We’re curious. Always keen to do things better. And honestly, we’ve only just scratched the surface.

Fresh ideas.
We’re introducing a new tool to help us more easily deliver higher quality data to the business. It’s a first for us and the learning curve is steep. But we’re getting there – and having lots of fun in the process.
Scaling up.
We’re looking forward to supporting large-scale engineering efforts, like moving towards using an event-driven architecture. Projects like this are key to helping us grow, and our technical gurus are here to make it possible.
More development, more launches.
This year we’re growing our financial services offering and launching several new products. So, on top of developing our data platform, we’re enabling the reporting and self-service analytics for these launches.
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Driven by love.
If you are inspired by new perspectives and addicted to adventure, you’re a Mollie-in-the-making.
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Joren Hoog Antink, Analytics Engineer

“We all come from diverse backgrounds and work on different topics. But we’re united by our curiosity for data and the drive to do things better.”

Joren Hoog Antink

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