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Marketing at Mollie

If we want to share the love, we have to spread the word. Mollie is a truly unique company. And it’s our job to tell our story in ways that are just as unique and intriguing.

Tech investments.
We’re buying into some smart and strategic sales and marketing tech, and getting it running in record time. What’s more, we get to see the team rally together, meet deadlines and exceed expectations.
Getting our show on the road.
We’re popping up all over the place. From inspiring new entrepreneurs at SME Expo in London and Masterclasses at OMR Festival in Hamburg, to celebrating and hiring the next ‘Women in Tech’ in Amsterdam. Mollie’s eye-catching stand and friendly team are spreading the word (and popcorn) at some of Europe’s top events.
Best-in-class content.
We’re expanding our content and creative teams to catch attention and ignite brain cells. With new people and tech, our talented teams are creating videos and webisodes to tell people all about our business, who we are and what we can do.
  1. Mollieverse


Driven by love.
If you are inspired by new perspectives and addicted to adventure, you’re a Mollie-in-the-making.
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Ben Saren, VP Marketing

“There’s something special at Mollie, hard to define. It’s in the bloodstream. Whatever magic is at play, it has made my job a true pleasure.”

Ben Saren

Life at Mollie

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