Mollie colleagues outside in Paris

At Mollie, we’re driven by love. So where better than Paris for showing off our passion for success, nurturing our growth, and building a caring and supportive community?

If you’re devoted to creating world-class products and want to share this desire with like-minded colleagues, this could be the place for you.

    Life at Mollie

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    Life at Mollie France

    Step onto our rooftop and you’ll see the whole of Paris. Step into our office and you’ll meet caring and passionate colleagues. People who are endlessly determined to get the very best for our customers.

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    We take the initiative and help each other grow. It might not be an easy ride, but we always celebrate the journey together.
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    With such great contributions to the world in terms of wine and cheese, it’s easy to forget that France also gave us the metric system and one of the first calculators. And our Mollies in Paris also love to balance the local delights - like Carnaval de Paris and countless boutique shops - with pioneering innovations in our industry.

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