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Engineering at Mollie

We’re in the driving seat. Without us, there is no Mollie. So we’re given the freedom to explore. Make mistakes, learn, and grow. Because that’s how we’ll become the most loved financial service provider.

The language of innovation.
We want to build a modern, fast and reliable platform. So we’re investing in a new language. By building our new cards platform in Java, we're confident we can innovate this product from the core.
Modern tech. Great products.
Leveraging our Mollie Cloud Platform, we’re moving to reliable distributed services on cloud. We’re also clarifying ownership and accountability, promoting independence and data-driven decision making, and balancing features with quality. So our teams can focus on delivering great products.
Automatically better.
By lowering the dependencies between teams, we can more quickly bring our products to market. We’re aiming for the least possible manual work and a more automated platform for future products.
  1. Leo

    Founders of Growth

Driven by love.
If you are inspired by new perspectives and addicted to adventure, you’re a Mollie-in-the-making.
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Rick de Jong, Software Engineer

“It’s very cool to be part of such a fast growing company where it’s still possible to make mistakes, solve them and learn from them.”

Rick de Jong

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